Who We Are?

A full-service immigration agency that loves what we do, immigration is in itself a big term that demands for lengthy and complication norms.


Our main motive has to give the uninterrupted immigration and visa service to their specialization and knowledge. These factors has invite millions of immigrants every year in Australia.


Immigration is in itself a big term that demands lengthy and complication norms. This issue becomes tricky when you have to travel to any overseas country. In that case, this problem cannot be solved by completing the terms and condition through the online and offline mode.

Instead of taking this burden yourself shoulder, you would have to approach at certified immigration consultant of our renowned organization entitled as Panvvas.


PAN V VAS Immigration consultancy is evolved with vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape. The company’s vision is to make global education dreams come true with our committed and trusted, immigration and consultancy, guidance and services. We devise overseas education that is of highest quality to aspiring students. We are here to drive the youth to discover their potential; a potential that will make the world value them.


We aspire to be the best, most reliable and most preferred brand in Immigration Consultancy. Our aim is to clear all the doubts and myths of the students about overseas education through our counselling services. To recommend right course of study for the right candidate through analyzing their skills, competency and financial background. To provide clients with best-in-class immigration services that exceed clients’ expectations and to be open and transparent with our stake holders.